The “Facebook of food” has arrived

ChefKey, a New York-based social media site dedicated to food, is about to make its much-awaited debut.

The site is described as the “Facebook of food.”

Laura Laz, the ChefKey’s founder, says that the site will be a destination for foodies, restaurant owners, as well as other people in the industry.

Laz, who has an extensive background in culinary arts, also said that the site will be a platform for conversations about food, restaurants, recipes, and many more. Apart from blogs, the site will also provide food lovers a means to communicate with restaurants, chefs, and caterers. On the part of the establishments, ChefKey is a platform where they can offer discounts and promos.

Similar to Facebook, setting up a profile on the site is absolutely free. Reports say that its revenues will hinge on advertising and other optional paid features and opportunities.

As of press time, Laz said that 3,000 people have already signed up for the site. She expects to have more than 50,000 members by the end of the year. Once the site expands its following, it can be extended to a national level.


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