The Fula from America: An African Journey with Carlyle Brown

The Fula from America-An African Journey at the Music HallThe Music Hall is inviting everyone to witness a man’s journey as he searches for his identity in West Africa at the The Fula from America: An African Journey happening on Wednesday, February 20, 1013 at the Historic Theater from 7:30 pm onwards.

The event will feature acclaimed African-American writer and performer Carlyle Brown’s engrossing one-man show that will help celebrate, raise funds for, and unveil the design for Portsmouth’s African Burying Ground Memorial.

There will be a candlelight procession to the Burying Ground site after the show. The local chorus Con Tutti! will be leading the guests in song under the direction of Joanne Connolly, with drumming by Randy Armstrong and Drumamma. A partial reading of the 1779 petition of the slaves for freedom and remarks by the clergy will also be presented.

Tickets for the show are sold at $30.

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