The Winklevoss twins invest in social media site

The Winklevoss twins are back in the social media scene! And this time, they’re determined not to let Mark Zuckerberg get the best of them.

According to reports, the twins—who are best known for their legal battle against Zuckerberg for the rights for Facebook—have invested in SumZero, a social network aimed at professional investors.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have reportedly invested $1-million on SumZero, which was founded by their fellow Harvard University graduates Divya Narendra and Aalap Mahadevia. Narendra was a partner of the Winklevoss twins during their lawsuit against Facebook.

In February, the twins created Winklevoss Capital—a vehicle for their personal investments. The company’s first investment is SumZero, which allows investors to meet with ideas and research.

SumZero has more than 7,000 members and has been compared to the first versions of Facebook.

Source: Yahoo! News

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