Things Brands Often Forget in SMM

SMMSocial media marketing requires a structured strategy to ensure its effectiveness. However, there are things that often get overlooked. Here are some of the most commonly forgotten aspects in SMM:

  1. Putting Links to the Brand’s Website. Social media is a great platform to market a brand’s products and services; however, forgetting to provide a link to a company’s website may affect lead generation.
  2. Focusing on Platforms that Work Best for a Brand. With dozens of conduits to choose from including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest, some brands think that juggling everything will be the most beneficial tactic to go with. However, this only results in spreading themselves too thin. At best, use up to two platforms that work best for the brand.
  3. Email Marketing. Email is still an important element for online marketing. According to recent studies, customers are willing to share email content on social media networks.
  4. Youtube. Content strategy is important in SMM and video is a platform that can easily deliver messages, show off a brand’s personality, and boost search engine rankings.
  5. Putting Up Fresh Content. These days, content is considered the king of online marketing. However, some brands tend to forget to post updates regularly because of the myriad of things to focus on. However, not publishing fresh content affects the way a brand is built as well as a company’s SEO strategy.

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Posted on by Alan Palasco in SEO

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