Things to Remember on Pinterest

PinterestThere is probably no reason for businesses to ignore Pinterest. This online pin board has taken its rightful spot in the world of marketing and search optimization while non-marketers love it because it is a useful resource for finding photos and images that pique their interest.

But whatever use Pinterest may serve for a user, there are eight guidelines in which everybody, SEO specialist, online marketer or casual Pinterest user, should follow including:

  • Be Respectful

Users are urged to stay respectful when it comes to their posts and comments so as to create a friendly community within the site.

  • Be Authentic

Originality is highly regarded on Pinterest. Since it heavily relies on user photos, images, and everybody is advised to use only their original work if not for re-pinning purposes.

  • Credit Your Sources

A cardinal rule in Pinterest is to cite and give credit to original sources of pinned images. Posts must always be linked to the artist who created them.

  • Report Objectionable Content

Nudity, hateful posts or content that urge users to harm are strongly prohibited on Pinterest. Posts of this nature should be reported to the admin through clicking on the “Report Content” tab.

  • Pinterest is Open to Users’ Thoughts

They want to know if users are experiencing issues with their services since they are just starting out. Glitches or other concerns can be forwarded to

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