This House at the Loft

This HouseHead out to the Music Hall Loft on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 and catch “This House” at 7:00 in the evening onwards. This is part of the National Theatre London HD series presented by the Music Hall.

“This House” is a play by James Graham that portrays a fictionalized account of a turbulent period in British politics. It received its première in the Royal National Theatre’s Cottesloe Theatre and ran there from 18th of September to 1st of December 2012 in a production directed by Jeremy Herrin. In February 2013, it transferred to the larger Olivier Theatre where it continued to play with much critical acclaim to packed houses.

It derived its title from the name given to the House of Commons by MPs. The action takes place in the period in British parliamentary history between the February 1974 general election and the 1979 vote of no confidence in the government of James Callaghan. The play is set in the Palace of Westminster mainly in the offices of the Labor and Tory Chief Whips. Party leaders such as Ted Heath, Harold Wilson, James Callaghan, Jeremy Thorpe, and Margaret Thatcher remain offstage characters. The narrative concentrates on the relationships between the two sets of whips, the so-called usual channels, and the whips backbenchers, and members of minor parties.

Tickets for the show are sold at $27.50, $24.50 for general admission, and $15 for students.

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