Tweeting – A Necessary Component of Business Today

According to the Harvard Business Review, Twitter users pay attention to Tweets that promote products and services. Tweets are great way to promote content and news, because users trust the source and the platform.

However, there’s more to Tweeting than promotion. A Tweet needs to be written in such a way that it arouses curiosity and warrants a clickthrough. Overly personal messages tend to scare away potential customers, claims some experts. According to the report, browsers found only 24% of conversational Tweets worth reading, while more than 30% said it wasn’t worth their time.

Good content—like well written news and product reviews, on the other hand, build good branding.

On top of drawing new customers, good Tweets also drive its own marketing system. When a customer likes a Tweet, he can repost it and share it with his friends, opening a whole new window of opportunities.

The findings of the Harvard Business Review reaffirm the news content trend. More and more customers are placing high value on news content. It is becoming a popular way to connect with online customers.

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