Twitter continues to expand its ad features

Twitter marketingAs social media strengthens its place in the marketing scene, sites like Twitter need to take advantage by offering new ad opportunities to attract businesses. As of late, a number of social media sites have upgraded their ad capabilities to accommodate brands.

Twitter recently highlighted the results of its collaboration with Compete. The report evaluated the impact of Tweets on B2B tech audiences. Compete sampled more than 6,000 Twitter users as they engaged more than 400 B2B tech sites. Here are some of the results of study as published in Brafton:

•    Fifty-nine percent of site users visited B2B tech sites during the allotted time frame, compared to 40 percent of average online consumers.
•    Twitter users actively search for B2B tech brands – 30 percent look for these companies, while only 12 percent of average internet users do the same in search.

According to experts, Twitter is expressing interest in targeting numerous niche businesses to broaden its ad network. In line with this, the micro-blogging site is constantly testing and adding new marketing options.

Based on reports, Twitter is testing new lead-generation tools which could help marketing professionals generate relevant traffic to their respective websites. However, the social media site has yet to acknowledge the existence of this new feature.

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