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Twitter for SMMSocial media marketing or SMM is now becoming the core of promoting and introducing companies and their offers to the public. It is through its great scope that potential clients have become easier to reach in the past few years. It is important, however, to know the right applications to use and the proper way to utilize them. Twitter, as one of the fastest growing social networking sites, can be a really powerful tool especially when used properly. It is even an advantage that Twitter has a lot of mobile applications too.

These are three of the Twitter mobile apps that may be used:

Tweetdeck. While this application neither allows users to send emails nor to sync it to social networking sites other than Facebook, its popularity among users convinced Twitter to acquire its ownership in 2007.

HootSuite. This application is useful for entrepreneurs who have multiple Twitter accounts. It can be used on several platforms including Android, iOS, and Blackberry OS. It has click through as well as message translation reports that makes it appealing to users. However, the most important feature is its interface that allows users to separately send tweets from both personal and business accounts.

Echofon. This is an iPhone application that shows a less cluttered interface. It allows users to view and share photos, videos, locations, and links. Moreover, it sends notifications to a user’s device whenever he or she gets @mentions or messages.

There are a lot of other mobile applications that may be used like TweetCaster and Plume for Android, and TweetBot and Twitterrific for iPhone. No matter which application business owners choose to use, the most essential thing is to know how to maximize the potential of each app.

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