Twitter vows to protect user privacy

Dick Costolo, Twitter’s chief executive, says that the site will continue to battle legal challenges brought by officials who want to access archived tweets of its users.

“We strongly believe it’s important for us to defend our users’ right to protest the forced publication of their private information,” Costolo told the Online News Association.

According to reports, Twitter has spent tremendous amounts of money for house legal resources to protect information privacy.

Earlier this month, a court in New York ordered the site to surrender three months worth of Twitter posts from Malcolm Harris. The court was looking for posts related to the protests in Brooklyn Bridge, New York last year.

As reported in The Guardian, “The court allowed for the information to be sealed until an appeal is heard. Costolo said Twitter was disappointed that it was forced to hand over the information in advance of the appeal, even in sealed form.”

Costolo said that the micro-blogging site was bogged by freedom-of-speech advocates all over the world. Still, he remained optimistic about the site’s growth prospects citing the future addition of new features, including a function that allows users to download all their Tweets.

Source: The Guardian

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