UAE offices begin to restrict employee social media access

Admit it. You’ve logged into Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites during work hours using a company-owned computer. Everybody’s done it!

While social media sites like LinkedIn can be work-related, most of these sites can be distractions in the office. And companies are beginning to act on it in UAE.

Most of the businesses in the country have started to install restrictions for social media sites. According to a survey from Gulf Business Machines, over 900 employees (who participated in the study) had social media restrictions in their respective offices.

Around 32% claimed that their offices placed no restrictions on social media, while 35% said that their employers removed all social media access. The remaining 33% experienced partial restrictions.

In some occasions, free access is beneficial to the company. It gives employees some downtime during the 8-hour work day. However, this is always open to abuse.

Source: Khaleej Times

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