UK study indicates that social media can affect a person’s self-esteem

Ever wonder what social media does for an individual’s personality and self-esteem? Well, according to a recent UK study, it can do more harm than good.

Research from the University of Salford indicates that Facebook and Twitter can actually worsen the lives of its users. Of the 298 experiment participants, many claimed that their self-esteem was affected by the use of these two social media sites. Users end up comparing their accomplishments to their peers, which—in some occasions—affect their self-esteem.

Apart from that, around 66% of the participants also said that they found it difficult to relax at home due to anxieties about using their respective social media sites. Some even said their relationships suffered because of online social media confrontations.

Despite these findings, people continue to integrate social media to their daily activities. While there are many gains to digital connection, there are also potential dangers. Balancing it is necessary to make it a healthy part of an individual’s life.


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