University of Alabama offers social media certificate course

UABThe University of Alabama in Birmingham will be offering a new certificate program, one that centers on social media.

The university will be teaching its students how to use a variety of social media tools. The program includes how to create social media campaigns and how to use analytics as well as other performance indicators for the platform.

“So much of how our consumers are expecting us to interact with an organization is through social media,” said Molly Wasko, an associate professor at UAB. “Given how much effort it takes to maintain a social media presence, companies really have to be thoughtful of the way they use these tools because it’s a direct line into their consumers.”

Currently, many schools are offering educational programs dedicated to social media. UAB says that its program will look at social media through a professional body of knowledge.

UAB’s social networking program is comprised of four courses, including web analytics and social media and virtual communities in business.

Source: The Crimson White

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