Using social media to find a job

Social Media JobSocial media expands your reach. It keeps you connected to your friends and loved ones, and keeps you posted on your interests, hobbies, and the daily dealings of your favorite celebrities. It can even help you find a job!

Using LinkedIn, subscribers can easily find job opportunities. First, optimize your profile page and make sure the right contacts see it. Cross-reference your social e-mail list into your list of contacts in the site. To find job opportunities, you’ll also want to create a Google+ page. You’ll need to optimize the page as well.

After optimizing profiles in LinkedIn and Google+, you can proceed to searching for opportunities in Facebook and Twitter.

Create a list of relevant contacts for the job opportunity you want. Instead of blasting general messages, send a personalized message to these contacts. Introduce yourself and explain your interest in the opportunity. You can also join groups in LinkedIn and Facebook.

With regard to your interactions with these contacts, keep your correspondences professional. Also, upload a professional-looking picture on your profile.

From here, you need to wait for bites. Remember: Social media can only engage employers; it’s up to you to win them over and earn the position.

Source: Forbes

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