Utilizing StumleUpon for SMM

StumbleUpon for SMMAfter the traffic-generating birth of Facebook, a lot of other social networking sites or SNN seemed to be left behind. But the fact is, there are still other sites that have high potentials as social networking medium including StumbleUpon.

Though it may not appear as big as Twitter or Facebook, it also generates a lot of web traffic— even surpassing the latter almost two years ago. For online businesses, it means that this website can be utilized to gain potential customers when used strategically.

Below are some things one needs to know in terms of StumbleUpon, being a powerful tool for advertising:

1. It has been intentionally designed to route users to other websites instead of their own. This makes StumbleUpon unique compared to other websites who only want to keep viewers on their site.

2. StumbleUpon has been configured to be able to link and track to other networks or sites.

3. Pairing it with other social networks can increase the number of one’s followers. In this light, finding other appropriate SNN platforms to go with it will be highly beneficial.

To learn more about StumbleUpon and on how it can be of aid to online businesses, visit http://www.stumbleupon.com.

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