Vine updates its features

Twitter VineVine, Twitter’s video-sharing application, gives brands opportunities to integrate video-marketing on the micro-blogging site. However, the app’s limited features constrain its potential.

Initially, the app’s limited features constrained its potential. In light of this, Vine has started to rollout new features that encourage social sharing. Most recently, the app included embed codes for videos—which lets users share them on sites like Facebook and Twitter. For the brands, the update lets them publish promotional content.

In addition to that, the updated version also lets brands answer and address user questions and concerns via video.

Plus, user privacy was also factored in with the new embed feature. The video’s sharing options depend on how the creator distributed the video. For instance, if a user uploaded the video on Twitter, it can only be shared on Twitter.

With these updates, social media marketers can integrate Vine to complement their online marketing efforts.

Source: Brafton

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