What social media site should your brand focus on?

Social Media MarketingMore and more brands are beginning to invest in social media marketing.

However, brands still do not know which sites to focus on. Should they build their campaigns from Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? Identifying which sites to focus on can make a big difference in terms of the amount of conversion rates.

Brands can take a lesson from companies, like Jaguar and BMW.

BMW built its campaign from Facebook. Its page has more than 13-million fans and receives an average of 50,000 Likes per post. The auto maker has also started building social media campaigns in Twitter and Pinterest.

Likewise, Jaguar has started to boost its social media marketing efforts.

According to reports, Jaguar North America is planning to leverage social media marketing to get more conversions.

Based on a report from Ecommerce Quarterly, Facebook has the best conversion rate of any social network. It’s closely followed by Pinterest and Twitter.

Source: Brafton

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