Why e-mail marketing needs to be integrated with social media

Some experts believe that e-mail campaigns are at the tail-end of its effectiveness as a web marketing tool. Ed Kats, however, says otherwise.

In a recent interview, the president of MediaWhiz recently said that e-mail and social media marketing campaigns will be pillars in integrated strategies on the web for a long time. Regarding e-mail marketing, Katz says that it will remain strong especially when it’s integrated.

Integrating e-mail and social can help make each channel more successful. Most web marketers use the two for the same conversion funnel. Social media introduces products and services, while e-mail blasts issue offers that are more likely to result in conversion.

Katz emphasizes that the integration of the two is very important. “I’ve been hearing email pronounced dead every year for the last 20 years, but every year its performance stays strong,” Katz told the eMarketer. “Email will continue to thrive so long as marketers strive for integration with other channels and a better understanding of the data points. They can effectively message the consumer with the things they care about in the manner and time they expect to be messaged.”

Source: Brafton

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