Why Use LinkedIn Premium

LinkedInCountless people are already on LinkedIn because it allows users to expand their reach throughout their industry better than ever before. While some are content with the features of their free accounts, there are other users that have been benefiting from the network’s paid service. Here are reasons why switching to LinkedIn Premium can be advantageous for brand owners:

  • It has a Profile Organizer which is useful for prospecting. Users can create folders and add profiles to them. They can also make notes and add contact details about each profile.
  • It allows users to get insight into how people are finding their profile via Profile Stats. This means that users can easily tweak some things on their profile to be able to be found more easily.
  • Premium account users are able to send InMails every month. These are emails sent to other LinkedIn users, whether they are in a brand owner’s network or not. Connecting with other users and expanding one’s network is easier and brings back much favorable responses than regular emails since people know that a brand owner is part of the LinkedIn community.
  • Paid accounts also have access to premium search filters which make finding prospects much simpler and much quicker.
  • Finally, LinkedIn Premium users are given up to 1000 search results as opposed to the 200 limit for the free version.

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